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Why are newspapers trying to stranggle RSS?
February 3, 2009, 5:28 am
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I used to love my Vienna reader, I now love my Google reader. I love having all the information I want delivered to me in one convenient place. There is one exception to this- if I want news from the SMH or any other professional news site I have to leave my beloved reader and visit their sites.

Its not that news services don’t syndicate their content- but the tiny little headlines with a one line synopsis written by an intern is hardly best syndication practice. The reason why this annoys me so much is that on numerous occasions I have set up mates with readers and they usually ditch them because they think its slower opening a link via a reader than it is to browse the site. One exception to the rule is the Guardian who produce a full text RSS feed- but after subscribing to it on the advice of Jeff Jarvis I found the presentation not to be conducive to reader format, i couldn’t separate the feeds and just got all their content on mass.

I could guess at the myriad of reasons why traditional news services do not syndicate their content, the most basic reason is advertising revenue- but all they need to do is look at the ReadWrite or Mashable, their feeds are littered with ads and promoting their sponsors.

As news services basic inventory is content you would assume they would jump at any opportunity to distribute it- there is so much scope for them to make money out of RSS, unfortunately their siege mentality online overcomes commonsense. Its no wonder that online revenue is failing to match the decline in offline revenue. RIP.


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