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Cheap thrills online
February 2, 2009, 5:56 am
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Welcome to my first post on content & channels. The focus of this blog is the evolution of media, more specifically, how people engage with and use new communication technology. We are currently experiencing the greatest shift in the media paradigm since the printing press arrived and the amount of growth and change is unprecedented- exciting times!

The impending global financial meltdown is predicted to slow the growth of many industries but it is highly likely it will have the reverse effect on media. Media is cheap entertainment, in past economic downturns we have seen growth in cinema revenue as people look for inexpensive ways to pass time, and it appears the Internet will be the 21st century’s provider of cheap thrills.

Comscores has just released a report into the growth of online gaming over the last year in the US and it shows phenomenal growth.


For marketers the implications of this are numerous as the majority of the growth is being experienced in casual segments on add-supported platforms. Unfortunately it seems that apart from standard banners very few marketers are taking advantage of this growing audience. When I play backgammon on AOL or Yahoo the majority of advertisers have really poor and forgettable ads, Wal-Mart is a noticeable exception, although their targeting is somewhat astray- unless they opened in Australia and I didn’t hear about it.

I do not think advertisers are solely to blame. Whilst working in media I get bombarded with magazine and print reps trying to sell their innovations in traditional media, yet I have never had a rep from Msn or Yahoo even mention their ad supported gaming networks. I believe demand for add-supported gaming networks will experience rapid growth in Australia in the years to come, but unless the publishers lift their game marketers will miss a fantastic opportunity to engage audiences via this channel.


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